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Cantilever Racking BLX004


Chinese Name : 悬臂式货架BLX004
Category : Heavy storage rack
Price : USD 150-10000
Description : Description: ●Cantilever racking is mainly used for the storage of long stuff such as rolled section steel, steel tube, plates, wire lines and so on. ●Upright shaft is usually made of H type steel or cold rolling steel or frame, square tube, cold rolling steel or H type steel are used to make arms. ●Cantilevers are assembled to upright shafts by composite type or bolts&nuts which is also for the fixation between base and uprights. ●Level height is adjustable. Loading and unloading of goods can be done manually or by forklifts. ●The height of cantilever racking is usually lower than 2500mm (the height up to 6000mm by using forklifts for loading);length of arm is shorter than 1200mm, and loading capacity is not more than 1200kg per arm. ●Cantilever racking is mainly used in the mechanical manufacturing industry and markets for building materials. ●Fall into heavy , medium . light types . Payment method : 30%T/T deposits, the balance is to pay by T/T before shipment. Delivery date: 10-20 business days after receiving deposits .
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